This Week's Tune (12/25)

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Hope all your celebrations went or are still going well! For the final Xmas song (and tune for this year), I present to you Personent Hodie, from the Cambridge Singers 1990 album (In case it hasn't become clear already, they've become almost the default music for me at Xmas :) ). (Usual copyrights apply; I own nothing!)

Maybe it's the historian in me, but I've long enjoyed music performed in Latin and other medieval or ancient languages, and this song is no exception. The rousing, powerful lyrics, mixed with excellent instrumentation, often pulls me out of any funk or writing slump I might find myself in this time of year, and is a wonderful choice when just relaxing, too. I'll be listening to this and the rest of my Xmas playlist over the remainder of the holidays, and will gradually taper off after New Year's; with sounds as great as these, you can't just stop all at once--athough you can for plenty of other so-called Xmas music out there, I'll admit. :)

A couple of minor last-minute delays came up over this weekend, but the final form of the Red Delta cover is undergoing its last changes as of tonight, and should be ready in ebook form by tomorrow; the paperback version will follow later this week. The short work Full Stomach will be up tomorrow as well, on my Wordpress blog; since this was one of my earliest works, dish out all the comments and critiques you like! I'll be posting the last WP update of 2017 this week, too, along with a general idea of the projects you can expect to hear about for next year...and which ones may finally see the light of day.

Comments, shares and reviews, as always, are welcome and much appreciated! Enjoy the rest of whatever holiday plans you have, and thanks for following here!

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