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Tuesday, 25 December 2018

This Week's Tune (12/24)

Happy Holidays, everybody!

Having at last found a measure of calm the past few days (and especially tonight), it wasn't hard to find the one tune that truly sums it all up, and provides a fitting top-off to this year as a whole. Thus, I give you an old but still favorite gem, to usher in both Xmas Day and the coming New Year: Silent Night, as sung by (yes, you know it!) the Cambridge Singers, originally for their 1990 album.

Like probably many people the past few weeks (or months, depending on when and where the stores and radio stations changed their selections for the season :) ), I've heard numerous variations of this song, some good, some decent, and some decidedly neither; even sang it a number of times in school concerts. This particular version, however, has long struck the best chord with me :D , perhaps because of its slower, more relaxing pace, while still keeping the majestic, elevating feel the song as a whole inspires.

At the moment, I'm looking for all the relaxation I can get, as the current year winds down and a new one approaches. I've stayed away from writing for the most part, this past week, with the exception of finally jotting down a couple of plot ideas that've been floating around a while. Several new and in-progress drafts are already jockeying for places on my 2019 schedule; I should have the first one chosen by my next post, shortly after New Year's Day. No word has arrived yet from Sea Lion Press (no big surprise, with the holiday break), but I hope to have more news before too much of January has passed. My works Red Delta and Obsidian & Steel will be on sale starting Dec. 26th, and up to 11pm on the 31st; feel free to snag a copy as a belated gift, and message me if you'd like one of the promo codes for the For State & Country audiobook as well. Other than that, enjoy your vacation(s), and I'll see you all next year!

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