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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

This Week's Tune (12/18)

Good evening, all!

Not wanting to break the pattern just yet, I've got yet another Xmas tune for you this week: In Dulci Jubilo, from (yes, you guessed it) the Cambridge Singers Carols of the Nativity CD (Usual copyrights apply; I own nothing!) 

As mentioned before, I'm not Christian in any way, but the ethereal, uplifting feel of this song and others like it never fails to work, whether I'm looking for a boost during a crappy day or writing session, or just something to relax to and let the ideas take shape in their own time. I've listened to it many times this past month, and haven't gotten tired of it yet; guess I've been limiting myself enough when it comes to Xmas music that at least this one--and the others on the CD--haven't turned stale or otherwise lost their appeal.

In further writing news, the cover for Red Delta is nearly completed, and should be ready by the 12/25 deadline. I'm still working through the mysteries of Createspace to find out how soon the paperback would come out once the draft is submitted, but it shouldn't be too much after the same deadline. I've also decided to go ahead with putting out a short dystopia I finished some time ago, called Full Stomach, for free on my Wordpress blog around Xmas; I like the story, but not enough to see it in ebook or printed form, and could use some critiques. I came up with some rough sequel ideas to continue the story as a trilogy or longer, so perhaps I'll come back to it one day and re-release for those who prefer the tactile pleasure of turning pages :). If you need a free, last-minute gift--maybe in tandem with a pledge on somebody's behalf for Discarded, to earn them the sweet bonuses this comes with :)--take a look once it's up, and share far and wide!

I'll also be sorting out the top project choices for next year very soon; no definite schedule this time, in keeping with my new, relaxed attitude to writing, but still like to have a general idea in mind of what I'd prefer to work on in a given stretch. I'll post more details in my final 2017 Wordpress post later this month, along with the Full Stomach draft; keep watching here and there, and share, review and critique galore!

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