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Monday, 5 November 2018

This Week's Tune (11/5)

Good afternoon, everybody!

After a half-busy, half-relaxed Halloween and weekend, it's time to wade back into the fray of classwork--with the joys and trials of NaNoWriMo added to it this month! Since I'm starting the bulk of my end-of-year work this week, with the goal of having the rough versions done by Dec. 1st, there're bound to be plenty of late nights, last-minute crises, and other burdens coming down the pipeline for most of this month, and possibly beyond. Given how "rocky" this sort of labor can get, I thought a song in that vein might take the edge off. Thus, I present for this week's music the Irish song Rocky Road to Dublin, as sung by the Chieftains and the Rolling Stones, for the former's 1995 album The Long Black Veil (Usual copyrights apply; I own nothing!)

I've heard this song performed by many different groups, but this version holds a special spot in both my mind and my playlist for this group. The story it tells (an Irishman struggling to find his fortune, and in the end just a decent life and companionship) never fails to strike a chord with me, both in storytelling and historical terms, and its jaunty/serious melody has always helped raise my spirits, or give just the right boost on a writing project.

The news for this post is also such a boost--hopefully one that'll last a bit! For those who haven't seen my latest WordPress update, the publish-ready draft of my Civil War Alternate History Bloody Relations is nearly completed, and should be ready to send out to the chosen publisher (the What-If outfit Sea Lion Press) sometime between Thanksgiving and the start of December, if not sooner! Dixie Curtain edits and other work have also wrapped up at last, with a tentative restart set for early in 2019. My NNWM draft All Eyes has hit the ground running; check out my WP blog for a more detailed description!

Lastly, a new promo option has been unveiled for the For State & Country audiobook: every time you or another reader selects this book as their free copy with a 30-day trial (which you can cancel later without any problems, and still keep the copy), a significant bonus goes to the author and publisher. Please consider trying this option out at the attached link; otherwise, feel free to just leave a review for this or any of my other Kindle works, and share and comment away with all of them!


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