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Monday, 19 November 2018

This Week's Tune (11/19)

Hello again, all!

With NaNoWriMo past the halfway point, and some recent, well-ahead-of-schedule progress in classwork, I figured now was the time for some jaunty yet soothing music, as part of a short breather before plunging back into the demands of both. Thus, I present as this week's song an old favorite, Wild Mountain Thyme, as performed by longtime musician and good friend Ian Gould, from his first album Calling Home (Usual copyrights apply; I own nothing!)

Though I've heard many different performances of this song over the years (the Peter, Paul, and Mary cover is still my parents' favorite, to name one), Ian's version has come to stand out above the rest, and has a place of high honor on my Celtic Mix playlist. When I'm banging my head (metaphorically, but occasionally for real :D) against a roadblock in a story, or with life in general, this song has always helped me back away from the frustration and ennui such times usually bring on, and given me the calmer perspective needed to get around whatever issues I face. When I have, or when I just need a moment to chill, it's always put me in the right mood, and leaves me rested and recharged for whatever's next. The rest of the album is equally fantastic, as are Ian's other collections; do not walk, but run, to check out his website (iangouldmusic.com), or search for his music on ITunes!

There's plenty of open time for writing most of this week, even with classwork, so I'm taking what chill-out moments I can right now! All Eyes is still a bit behind schedule, but I should be able to make up most or all of the lack over Thanksgiving, in time for a more sedate 50K word count finish-line-crossing just ahead of the 11/30 end date. I've put out feelers to Sea Lion Press on the sample chapter from Bloody Relations, and it shouldn't be too much longer before this draft is on its way to publication! I'll also be holding one last sale for this month on my ebooks Dillinger in Charleston and For State & Country, starting on Thanksgiving Day (11/22); feel free to check them out if you need a an early or late holiday gift, or just something to ease the fiction craving! More news to follow on NNWM and (hopefully) SLP next week; meanwhile, keep up the shares, reviews, and comments!

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