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Monday, 12 November 2018

This Week's Tune (11/12)

Good day, everyone!

Given the news I have today (and the even better news that's still trickling in from the elections last week!), there was only one possible choice for this week's song, in my mind. Therefore, I give you The Times They Are A-Changin from the album The Essential Bob Dylan. (Side note: you may need YT Premium's free trial to play this particular clip; still don't understand why they did it with this song!) (Usual copyrights apply; I own nothing!)

Like a lot of folk rock songs, I think I picked this one up early in life from my parents, though it went dormant for a while until I rediscovered it in college (a fitting time :) ), and I've since kept it in a special spot on my Random Mix playlist; it was among the first I played when the returns became certain (or on their way to such) on Nov. 6th! Political/protest tones aside, the flowing, evocative lyrics have always helped push me past writing blocks, pointed me to completely new ideas, or just given me a necessary moment of pause, before plunging back into the draft at hand.

There've been plenty of changes the past week--some in the writing world, some in the Outside World--and more are likely to come down the pipe before this month's over! Although a recent deluge of classwork has slowed my NNWM progress on All Eyes, I'm still very much in the game on this draft, and should be nearing the halfway mark (25K) by this weekend, possibly sooner. I've also completed the last edits on my Civil War What-If Bloody Relations, and selected the sample chapter that will be sent to Sea Lion Press; this should happen no later than Fri! If all goes well, I should have an answer by early December, and the publication process will start soon after--my first such effort that's not all-Amazon! My 5 currently published works are also on sale once again on Kindle, and the For State & Country audiobook promos and bonuses are still in effect as well, on the attached link; feel free to check all of these out, or just pass the word! I'll keep you all posted on BR and NNWM; meantime, just keep commenting, sharing and reviewing!

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