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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

This Week's Tune (10/30)

Evening, everyone!

Since it's soon to be Halloween (no matter what the local trick-or-treat time was over the weekend :) ), I felt like sharing some of the spooky/suspenseful music I often play this time of year. After careful consideration, two reached the top of the list, and rather than decide between them, I present both to you here, for your listening pleasure: Our Solemn Hour, by the Dutch metal band Within Temptation, and Space Junk, by Wang Chung (I've attached the links in the main body below, since the site apparently doesn't allow for two video clips. Usual copyrights; I own nothing!)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4so4uAjY3M  (OSH)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5Xfch1oERc  (SJ)

I first came across Within Temptation while in undergrad, and though I've never been much of a metal fan, the deeper, symphonic style of this band struck a chord at the time :), leading me to pick up most of their work and queue it up when the Halloween season rolls around. This song in particular appeals not only for its lyrics and sound, but for the spoken portions mixed in; these are drawn from Winston Churchill's May 19th, 1940 Be Ye Men of Valour speech, and both add to the song's mood and (for me) give it a nice historical flair.

Wang Chung came to my attention the same way it likely has for most people who've seen a certain Walking Dead scene :). I confess to not following the band much more than this song, but it has found a place of honor on my playlist of WD music. Though I've stopped watching the show, Space Junk and the rest of the tunes still bring a nostalgic smile, and, alongside the WT playlist, have set the mood perfectly for my work during this month.

Hope you all enjoy them as I have, and have a great Halloween!

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