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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

This Week's Tune (1/29)

Good evening, everyone!

Yet another week is upon us, with all the joys and troubles that implies for each in their own way. In my case, it means fully getting into the swing of handling Outside World demands--mainly classes and work--and finding the right balance between these, the never-ending writing itch, and the various measures I've been taking lately to slow things down and come at life in a more sedate, less frantic way. The best measure, as of now, is music, as it's been so often before. In that regard, I share with you this week's tune of choice: Bridge over Troubled Water, by Simon and Garfunkel (Usual copyrights apply; I own nothing!)

I've been a fan of this duo for some time, courtesy of my parents--a liking for folk and classic rock is one of the few tastes they passed on :) --and my sister, who is even more of a fan. This song in particular has taken on a much stronger, more poignant meaning for me in the last couple of years, given the ups and downs I've endured--mentally and in life in general--that at times felt like the world's longest and biggest rollercoaster. I feel I've got a better handle on all of it now than I've had in years, but every now and then the various worries start to pile on again--at which point I turn to songs like this, and family or friends who can be the "bridge" I need to get through these "troubled" moments. It hasn't failed me yet, and has often given the exact kind of boost needed to get me over this or that writing hurdle, or just to sit down at the laptop again.

In other writing news, I'm thrilled to report that, despite some last-minute Outside World obstacles, the final final edits on All the Troubles of Home are completed as of yesterday! Given classwork and similar "distractions", I'll unfortunately have to wait until this Friday, latest, before sending the draft out for beta-reading, but it will give me a few rare moments for extra tinkering as well. Notices will go out around that time to the usual brave few beta-readers I've worked with before; if you'd like to join them, drop me a line here or on my author page(s), or pass the word about it--and Discarded, of course!--on to anybody you know with a taste for new fiction! Other than that, just keep sharing and reviewing!

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