News and Bonuses III

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Hello, everyone!

Must apologize again for the delay; birthday celebrations this past week and work on other projects held up the update process. Somewhere along the line, my family slipped into a pattern of celebrating birthdays over a whole month, instead of on a single day; great for the most part, though Outside World demands kind of end up going by the wayside. :)

Not that much to share this round, apart from a few new pledges; many thanks to those who've joined the supporter crowd! No new background tidbits from Discarded, sadly; still not sure how long this will last, but I'm still digging to be sure the non-spoiler mine is played out, and I hope to have something for next time, no matter how small.

On the plus side, the FREE promo events for both Dillinger in Charleston and For State & Country are up on Amazon Kindle as of today, running from 8/16 to 8/20; turns out Obsidian & Steel has a slightly different sales period, so the promo for that one will be a little further down the line. Events like these tend to bring lots of notice among the ebook reader crowd, and help boost other projects by the same author, so please review and share them with friends, family or anybody needing a new read!

Other than this, just keep spreading the word on Discarded, and let me know of any comments or concerns!

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