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Two presumed-dead genetically augmented soldiers search for the truth of their origins... and discover far more than they ever imagined.

Monday, 18 March 2019

March News

Happy St. Patrick's, everybody!

In celebration of this, I bring some fittingly jaunty music (Changing Your Demeanour, performed by The Chieftains), and some decent to great writing news!

First up: As of March 6th, I officially have the publishing contract in hand for Bloody Relations with Sea Lion Press! Though the editing work to make it publish-worthy is still being organized, the estimated mid-year publication date hasn't changed; with any luck, this Civil War What-If should be out on Kindle and physical shelves before the end of this summer!

Next: Though prelim and job work (and the ever-present editing-while-writing reflex I've often suffered from) have regrettably combined once again to slow my current writing beyond the previously promised mid-March deadline (the start of my school's Spring Break, in other words; i.e., today), I can proudly say that Dixie Curtain has cleared perhaps its last major hurdle(s), and should be in beta-ready form by no later than the end of this month--possibly sooner, since I'll be taking a slightly delayed Spring Break from prelim work the week of the 25th! 

Lastly: Obsidian & SteelDillinger in Charleston, and For State & Country are on sale on Kindle as of 3/16, and through Sat. 3/23! If you're in need of a historical fiction or What-If fix, or know somebody who is, grab yourself a digital or print copy!

That's all for right now. Should anything pop up before April, I'll let you know here or on my FB and Twitter feeds; otherwise, just enjoy your holiday and break(s), and keep on reviewing and sharing!

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