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Two presumed-dead genetically augmented soldiers search for the truth of their origins... and discover far more than they ever imagined.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

July News

Hello, everybody!

Though the past several weeks have been only slightly less crowded than those before my last post, this minor reduction has given me just enough room to make serious headway on current writing labors, and has come in tandem with other good news, which I share with you today!

To start with, as of July 3, Bloody Relations, my Civil War Alternate History novel, is now officially being edited by the good folks at Sea Lion Press! Timetables have gotten a bit more fluid recently, but the release date is still likely to be before the end of August--and possibly sooner, based on the last editing progress update!

In addition, several more gaps and much-needed edits on Cross & Flag: Awakenings have been taken care of, bringing me to just shy of the halfway mark on my list of such changes. Some of these (which I had marked in my last round of work on this project) ended up getting cut after a second or third read-through; seems brevity is the better choice, so long as you can find the right description or dialogue (easy, right?? :P). Right now, the biggest problem is finding enough time to ponder what works best in the larger gaps, which can take up entire evenings--especially if I get pulled away by the whirlpool of YT clips or just random books on my shelves :) . The beta finish line in August remains in place, as does the offer for anyone who wants a preview along those lines; my FB, WP, and Twitter author pages remain open for any and all serious offers.

I'll have more details on this and (hopefully) the SLP project for you all next month! Meantime, consider spreading the word on Discarded, and keep the reviews, comments and shares coming, like always!


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