By Mark A. Ciccone

Two presumed-dead genetically augmented soldiers search for the truth of their origins... and discover far more than they ever imagined.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Fits & Starts


Sorry for the wait this week; the Fourth holiday, work, tech failures and the Outside World in general all came together in a seemingly impossible mix to prevent me from reporting in the past week and more.

Nothing major to report for this update, apart from the latest Discarded tidbit, and some news on the promo and Kindle ebook fronts. Both are proceeding, in slightly fitful fashion The Facebook promo campaign has been lagging of late (thanks to Outside World demands as much as outreach limits), but I will be renewing it once more over the weekend, and seeing about expanding the invite list. Before this project, I hadn't had much of a toe in the social media water other than Facebook, so there's still plenty of potential spots to push Discarded--and there'll be plenty of pushing as well!

The Kindle promos are going a bit better; the most recent sale for Dillinger in Charleston and For State and Country wraps up tomorrow, and I will be starting a FREE giveaway for these and Obsidian & Steel this coming week. As most of you probably know well by now, these three works are available as part of multiple pledge rewards on this project, so if you know anyone looking for a great deal on ebooks or sci-fi in general, four works for one pledge is one I'm sure they won't want to pass up!

Here's the latest tidbit: a (slightly) closer look at the Facility, where Project Golem was established--and the only home known to Greg, Leah, Cayden and all other Golems. I may start running dry on these before too much longer--only so much can be revealed before the plot's spoiled--but I'll dig deep to keep it up as long as possible. Critique, comment and share at your leisure!

"The Facility" : The colloquial term among Golems for the site of Project Golem. Established in the Puget Sound area of WA State following establishment of formal ties between CellWorx and the Pentagon; exact location classified well above top secret. Some preexisting surface structures and terrain converted to administrative, transport and open-air combat training purposes, but nearly all critical components of Golem "recruitment" and preparation carried out in underground levels, with access restricted to Dr. Garrett and a select few Project staff members and trainers. Exact configuration and depth of these areas remains unknown, but rumored to be 15 stories or more, with more physical shielding and other security measures than any other covert site in the U.S. or the world. Belowground areas consist of living quarters, gymnasiums, classrooms, mess areas, medical wings, armories, and the command center, with all manner of state-of-the-art equipment for training, education and medical assistance prior to and following missions. Reportedly impregnable against all manner of outside attack--cyber, biological, chemical, nuclear--and intended to completely isolate Golems from the outside world between assignments as much as to keep the Project secret; this is deemed necessary to both hasten any needed recuperation, and keep them at a constant state of readiness in case of attack or assignment. Believed to have partially survived the Seattle Bomb, given its design, but persistent radiation and inconclusive satellite recon have prevented confirmation.

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