By Mark A. Ciccone

Two presumed-dead genetically augmented soldiers search for the truth of their origins... and discover far more than they ever imagined.

Saturday, 9 February 2019

February News

Hello again, everyone!

Just checking with all Discarded  fans and contributors alike! Don't have a tremendous amount to report for this update, but there are a couple stand-out items.

First up is a glowing review of Divided Worlds (one of my more recent Alternate History Kindle ebooks, published last year), just released on Sea Lion Press; main link is attached below! With so much self-published fiction floating around (both good and decidedly not), notice of any kind is always welcome, and always gives a welcome boost; feel free to share and keep this one going!

Second: Though work on my Civil War/Cold War What-If Dixie Curtain has lagged a bit at times this past month, I'm ecstatic to say that the final three chapters are at last in sight--which means, barring any major Outside World surprises, I am very much on track to having a beta-ready draft by my planned mid-March deadline! Ever since Dillinger in Charleston was released several years ago, I've had a number of fans asking if there'll ever be other stories told in this same world--and before the year is out, the next may very well be on digital and physical shelves with DC!

That's it for noteworthy news. No word yet from SLP on the contract for Bloody Relations, but the process is still moving forward; should anything change before February ends, I'll have an addendum up here in minutes! Keep sharing and commenting in the meantime, and I'll see you all next post!


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