The Diary of Losing Dad

By Emily Bevan

A bittersweet journey through grief – pieced together with diary entries and poems

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Yolk Magazine Interview

Dear 'Diary of Losing Dad' supporters. 

I hope this finds you all well. 

I couple of little updates! I was recently approached by a lovely magazine called 'Yolk' and asked to contribute to a feature they were running called 'Good Grief'.  I have attached the interview below (plus a poem that they printed), just in case anyone would be interested to read. We talk about my motivation for writing the project, and about grief in general. 

Once again - thank you all for being my prized supporters. Because I am well over 60% of the way to my target, (68%!)  Unbound are kindly offering a special discount on my book this week - with the code OVER60.  I'd be so grateful if you would share the code with any friends, parents, colleagues who you think may be interested. I am just one Corporate Patron away from reaching my target - so if anyone happens to have any ideas - please do share!

Huge thanks to you all as ever,

Emily xx

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