The Diary of Losing Dad

By Emily Bevan

A bittersweet journey through grief – pieced together with diary entries and poems

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

New Article, School Talks & 'Love' Prints

Dear Unbounders. 

Thank you all so much for your incredible support so far. I am now 27% away from reaching my target! On this sunny January day, I have a few updates to share with you. 

Conference and Common Room Magazine

Hot of the press - a new article for Conference and Common Room Magazine about how and why I came to write the book, plus some insights into what it was like growing up as a Headmaster's daughter.  (It also contains a lovely large photo of Dad and Boris!) I hope you enjoy. 

School Talks - Grief

Do you work in a school? Or do you think your children's school would be interested in the below? As part of my crowdfunding campaign, I am offering a talk to schools. This will include: 

A book reading 
A talk about the experience of dealing with grief  - including some practical advice for how to cope, and how to support others.
A discussion about writing (and poetry) as a useful form of therapy and self care. 
And additionally - a discussion about anything to do with acting, if that is of interest to the pupils.  (I am of course open to tailoring the talk to suit different school's needs.)

There are more details about the talk on the Unbound website, but for £250, the school would also receive 10 hardback books, and the school's name would be printed in the back as one of my supporters. 

'Love' Prints

Finally, I am thrilled to share a collaboration between myself and brilliant Manchester-based artist Danielle Rhoda. She has come up with two beautiful designs that really capture the essence of my poem 'Love'. The prints are available under the pledge 'Poem screen print' for £60. Reserve your print now, and then you will be able to choose your design when we are sending them out. 

That's it from the updates!  Anything that you can do to share the information about the book with friends, colleagues or family members is all hugely appreciated and really does help to boost the campaign.  Likewise please keep sharing the info (& artwork!) on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

Sending lots of love and thanks your way

Emily xx


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