The Diary of Losing Dad

By Emily Bevan

A bittersweet journey through grief – pieced together with diary entries and poems

Monday, 17 May 2021

Cover Reveal!


Dear supporters of The Diary of Losing Dad

I hope this finds you all very well. I'm sorry that it has been so long since my last update, but I have been working away on the edit - under the watchful eye of the lovely Imogen Denny, and all is progressing well.

You are the kind people who have invested financially and emotionally in this project - and now, I am absolutely thrilled to be able to share the cover with you!  It is a simple and I think, very effective design by the Unbound art director and designer Mark Ecob (@mecobtweets). The body of the book reflects the colour of the journal from which this idea originated (you may remember seeing this in my fundraising video), and it is also, conveniently, a rather good match for Leander Club* pink.  The photograph on the cover was taken just before the performance of a theatre production I was involved in at Shiplake College, where Dad was headmaster. I'm wearing some kind of Victorian looking costume, and Dad is in his work suit. He had probably dashed home for a quick hello and was dashing off again. Dashing around was very much his way of operating in Headmaster days, often with his tie flapping over his shoulder.

I think it beautifully captures a warm moment between us where his protectiveness shines through. I am safe and secure in the crook of his arm, and holding onto his hand with both of mine. Mum says I look like 'the cat that got the cream' in this photo, and I think that is a fair assessment. 

I hope you like it too.

In other news, do check out Sky's fabulous new show DOMINA, which premiered last Friday 14th. In the sexy, power-hungry world of Rome, someone has to keep a bit of decorum, so look out for a Matrona with an enormous wig in Episode 2. You'll find me attempting to operate a loom, whilst emparting sage advice to the young heroine. I was lucky to film it when I was pregant, just before the first lockdown, so Romy (my one year old daughter) was technically there too. Imbd credit to follow. 

Once again - I am so very grateful for your support.  Please do share this news with whoever may be interested. It would be great to keep the preorders coming in!

Sending you all my warmest thanks.


*Leander Club was Dad's rowing club in Henley-on-Thames.

P.S I recently recorded a video of Alice Corrie’s new children’s book Fabulous Fifi the Flamenco Flamingo.   I even managed to rope in Romy as my unruly glamorous fluffy assistant. Do check out the video below and support the book. It’s brilliant!



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Shiplake College
 Shiplake College says:

Thank you for the update Emily - a wonderful cover! Your dad is such a large part of Shiplake College's history that we are honoured that the photo of both is linked with the College in this way.
From Kat and all at Shiplake College.

posted 18th May 2021

Tiki Kyte
 Tiki Kyte says:

Darling Em, I love the cover as it says so much and I can't wait to read it. Well done my gorgeous daughter in law x

posted 19th May 2021

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