Deserter Presents: Shirk, Rest and Play

By Andrew Grumbridge and Vincent Raison

50,000 words that will change your life - or your money back.*

Monday, 7 December 2020

Dulwich Raider in Pictures

By Dulwich Raider

Anyone looking for pictures of me naked is, I’m afraid, going to be disappointed. Those pictures remain in the Met Police vaults until my caution is lifted in 2023.

No, here I propose to talk about some of the illustrations done for our first book, Today South London, Tomorrow South London, as drawn by Emily Medley. We’re delighted that Emily has agreed to illustrate, our new book, Shirk, Rest and Play.

Please do pledge for a copy if you haven’t already. One of the rewards on offer is a limited edition print of her artwork for the book.

Here I talk through some examples of her illustrations as seen in TSLTSL, not just to showcase her work but also to aid future historians.


First up, here I am with Half-life outside the Menier in Borough. We couldn't go inside because we were off our tits on mushrooms. He thought we were in a field. Great day.

I am known as a deep thinker and here I am looking particularly pensive, wondering why the sign says "London 4" when I am manifestly in London.

Funny to see a couple of us in masks in 2018. This is because we are depicted here enjoying our holiday on the South Circular. 

I said to Emily, “Are me and Roxy holding hands?” 

She said, “Maybe. But she has only has eyes for another.”

How right she was. What happened next was my second biggest shock in the book.

Here I am with Half-life in Brockwell Lido. This is where he “revealed” he wasn’t a cycle courier at all, but a drug dealer.

We’d all been buying weed from him for 10 years, the big idiot.

At The Rye pub, Peckham. I am furious that Panama Pals, Half-life and Cousin Max are thrashing us at boules. He's not even my real cousin, for crying our loud.

A pint at the Windsor, Old Kent Road, where Half-life is telling us he has a priceless Vermeer hanging in his khazi.  

Wandsworth Park. I’m two down with three to play. I move to cast a shadow on Roxy’s ball and introduce the topic of her boyfriend’s prostatic stent. 

The rest is history.

The guys. I can’t wait to see what I get up to in the next book.

Thanks, Emily. These drawings are like memories. In fact they are better than memories because I can actually remember them. 

Please get involved in our new book and help me remember more stuff.

If you haven't already, please order your advance copy now by choosing your pledge level. You'd make us all very happy.





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