Thank you.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Thanks to you, we've hit our funding target. This book is going to happen!

What happens next?

We're not sure, but first things first, a lovely pint. Then, we suppose, the arduous task of hiring half a dozen unpaid interns to start work on the writing.

As long as our Unbound page is marked "Writing in progress", you can still pledge for the book, purchase a copy in advance and/or choose from other goodies, and we would positively encourage you to do so as we have already started a tab at the offy.

Thank you for your support!

In the meantime come and see us:

Brixton Bookjam, Hootananny, Brixton, Monday, 5th March, 8pm

- Introducing the Sleaford Mods film, Bunch of Kunst, as part of the Camberwell Free Film Festival, Joiners Arms, Camberwell, Thursday, 15th March, 7.30pm

Love and pints x


Image credit: Cheers! by Nate used under this licence

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Publication date: Autumn 2018
116% funded
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