Deep Down There

By Oli Jacobs

In Anton Court, a 6-feet wide hole appears overnight, eventually turning the residents crazy wondering how it appeared, and what caused it

Saturday, 14 October 2017

The hole has grown... by 27%


After a fallow period where 20% seemed like a distant dream... Deep Down There is now at a whopping 27%. That is phenomenal, and something I am very, very happy with.

So with that, the Wheel of Misfortune was spun for the Pledgers - twice - and a congrats are in order for Melissa Davies who won the DDT Lego Minifigs, and Iain Boulton who won a Pledge Upgrade! Congrats to you both...

In the meantime, the hole is growing, and there will be some updates soon, I hope. A new extract one the main page, showcasing what could be down the hole... and a new video of my beautiful face. How splendid.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has pledged so far, and for those who have shared the book. It is still early days, but hopefully in the near future there are going to be events, wonders, and other delights for me to share with you. You can also keep up to date with me on Twitter, or on the Oli Jacobs Books Facebook page.


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