Deep Down There

By Oli Jacobs

In Anton Court, a 6-feet wide hole appears overnight, eventually turning the residents crazy wondering how it appeared, and what caused it

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Some questions to consider...

On Twitter, I asked some questions related to Deep Down There to sate the taste buds. In the interests of sharing, here they are for your curiosity and chin-stroking:

Who says the hole was dug?

Why is the hole perfectly round, with smooth walls?

Why does the hole not reflect light?

How did it appear overnight so quickly, without a sound or any disturbances?

How deep is the hole? And does it go straight down?

The houses in Anton Court are owned by a retired couple, an app millionaire, a well funded family, and 2 successful teachers. How, then, can an unemployed single mother afford to be there?

Who are HP Properties, and what other residential holdings do they have worldwide?

What war did veteran James “The Colonel” Stanley serve in?

What does Crendon, the Court’s handyman, do all day?

More importantly, why does he not tell the council or police about the hole? And who told him not to?

Which set of residents is the odd one out? And why is it not the one you’d suspect?

What did the Barrett’s do before teaching science and art respectively?

What contacts does Rich’s friend Quinn have to allow him access to miles-long cable reels?

Where is Hannah’s partner, the father of her kids?

What's preventing them filling or covering up the hole?

And why are the kids of the Court so interested in it?

Why is EVERYONE interested in it?

Why does HP let Rich abseil down the hole? And why does he want to?

Something to muse over until we hit 100...


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