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In Anton Court, a 6-feet wide hole appears overnight, eventually turning the residents crazy wondering how it appeared, and what caused it

In the gated community of Anton Court, the residents wake up one morning to find a hole in the communal garden. Not just any hole, but one that stretches 6 feet wide, doesn’t seems to end, and makes strange noises during the night.

Despite the protests of the residents – including single mother Hannah Suggs, retired military man James Stanley aka “The Colonel”, and millennial thrillseeker Rich Davis – Anton Court’s owners, HP Properties, try to convince them everything is under control. Even when a truckload of cement won’t fill the hole, and a steel panel is ripped off during the night. Once the children start creeping too close to the hole during the night, it is decided to evacuate the Court.

But not everyone wants to leave. Hannah stubbornly refuses out of fear of eviction, The Colonel is too proud to give up his home, and amateur scientist William Barrett wants to study it.

Worse still, Davis wants to explore the hole. With HP’s consent.

It is soon discovered that the hole is more unusual than the curious sanity it inspires in the residents; it is deeper than they could ever believe, perfectly smooth, and seems to get smaller the more you go down. Not only that, it is getting bigger at the top.

Then Davis reaches the bottom, and things get vastly worse on Anton Court.

Inspired by the likes of HP Lovecraft (At The Mountains of Madness), Stephen King (The Shining), and Mark Z Danielewski (House of Leaves), Deep Down There is a slow-building Horror about how the unknown can rip apart the delicate façade of everyday life. From the dark secrets of your next-door neighbours, to what really exists in the ground below our feet.

So, what lies Deep Down There? Read on, and find out for yourself. Just make sure to bring a torch, and a very long rope.

Oli Jacobs is a bearded connoisseur of whisky and curry who just happens to enjoy weaving tall tales from the random flashes of his synapses. From the wet shores of Southampton, but now residing in the wilds of High Wycombe, he has been writing since he enjoyed Saturday Morning TV without a hangover. While self-published since 2012 – writing in a range of genres from sci-fi comedy to noir-tipped thrillers – Deep Down There is his first serious crack at some spine-tingling Horror.

A vast range of subjects and authors inspire his works, but he is most likely to wax lyrical about the virtue of HP Lovecraft, the films of John Carpenter, or how zombies don’t run. That, and how Lord Parmesan is superior to Pitt the Elder. He knows it’s actually Lord Palmerston, but there’s no telling him when he’s engaged in that debate.

He can be usually found in his local drinking hole, or walking his pooch with his beautiful wife. If you find him, approach with wide arms and a smile. Or a beer. Preferably the latter.

As always, he hopes you enjoy his works.

Find Oli on Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads.

He tweets as @OliJacobsAuthor and keep up to date with all his literary goings-on at his website.


“What the bloody Hell is this?”

            What the bloody Hell it was, was a hole.

            Of course, in most situations, a hole is nothing out of the ordinary. What made this hole elicit such a reaction was the fact that it wasn’t in the communal garden of Anton Court yesterday. For some reason, overnight, a 6-foot wide crater had replaced the trimmed grass and glowing daffodils and, naturally, some residents weren’t too happy about it.

            The voice that had shouted the loudest – and had been the one to wake Hannah Suggs – belonged to James Stanley, known by the neighbours as The Colonel due to his military history. A blustery type, he was quick to moan and groan about everything and anything, while his wife, Heather, stood in the background and hoped that The Colonel’s old army temper didn’t flare up again.

            The recipient of his morning rant was Vincent Crendon. Crendon wasn’t a resident, per se, but the site managed of Anton Court. The cul-de-sac was a gated community of 5 houses, with a small bungalow belonging to Crendon. His job was to make sure every utility was working perfectly, every path was clean, and that giant holes didn’t suddenly appear in gardens.

            For The Colonel, this last detail had been alarmingly overlooked.

            “So, what the Hell are you going to do about it?”

            Crendon looked down the hole while other residents filtered out of their homes to see what the fuss was about. First were Rich Davis and his girlfriend, Stacey Lloyd. Rich was one of these modern businessmen who had made their money in digital apps, although Hannah didn’t know exactly what it was that Rich did. All that she did know was that he rarely went to work in a suit, and in the meantime, enjoyed various holidays and adventures with Stacey.

            As for Stacey, Hannah felt she had the personality of a paper bag. Which was slightly insulting to the bag.

            From their front door watched Tim & Louise Cooper, making sure to shield their daughter Samantha from any random outbursts of expletives from The Colonel. The family had lived in Anton Court since it opened, and Hannah found they were good company when she needed a respite from looking after her two sons, Michael & Chris.

            Finally, watching from their window like she had been, were William & Charles Barrett, a middle-aged couple who were always keen to ingratiate themselves in the small community. Which, given their circumstances, seemed to Hannah to be compensating. Still, she enjoyed the odd chat with Charles, who shared a conspiratorial wink with her as they watched The Colonel rant.

            Then, of course, there was Hannah herself. She had moved into Anton Court with her partner Greg 6 months ago. 3 months later, it was just her and the kids.

            She made do. And the residents helped. Despite their differences, they always came together for each other.

            And right now, they were bonding over a hole.


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