A quarter of the way there!

Monday, 16 July 2018

Hello readers! As you know, I like round numbers, but don't like them to be the boss of me, so here is my 24% update.

Here's what's happening behind the scenes of THIS PARTY'S DEAD:

  • I've just had an article featured at the top of Medium detailing three death movements that are booming in the west, all with strikingly uniform demographics - followers of Santa Muerte are overwhelmingly working class, transhumanists are mostly white and male, and the death-positive movement attracts mainly women. Why? This will be in the book in more depth that I could go into with 1500 words, so consider it a taster. 
  • In five weeks I'll be going to Nepal for the next deathtival: Gai Jatra, a cow festival to celebrate the dead. It's also a comedy festival - there are skits, jokes, and newspapers even come out with comedy issues. My aim, despite being illiterate, is to get ONE JOKE. Wish me luck. And follow me on Twitter (@ericabuist, @thedeathtivals) for very pretty pictures!
  • From Nepal I'll be flying to Vermont because I've been awarded a writing residency. So for the month of September, I'll be working all day every day on the book. For YOU, readers!

The book is so close to 25% so if you know anyone who might like it, please do share it with them. 

As always: all the best/ lots of love/ an awkward hug/ whatever parting greeting is appropriate for our level of acquaintance,


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