Death and the Elephant

By Raz Shaw

A memoir about fighting cancer and gambling

Monday, 27 June 2016

Blogs and Cancer and Thanks and Seas and Spiralisers and Stuff


It's been a month since I climbed aboard the good ship Unbound. And I'm pleased to report that the journey so far has been a good one.

Whoa! I am going to stop this cruise-ship/nautical metaphor right here. I know what I'm like. And so do a lot of you. We are just a few scribbles away from 'all you can eat buffet' references or 'swimming without a life-jacket' motifs or more likely, 'Brexit pirates' rants.  

Stop. I shall. Stop.

Suffice to say that owing to the massive generosity of a whole heap of supporters, I have reached 61% of my target in just over a month. Not a bad start I'd say. I want to say a massive thank you to those of you reading this who have already pledged for the book. I honestly can't really express how grateful I am. Which is a little bit worrying considering it's a bit of my writing that you're pledging for in the first place. But thanks so so much. Keep spreading the word and sharing my silly tweets (@razshaw1) etc.

As some of you may have seen already, the brilliant Tatty Hennessy - a fast rising playwright/director - writes a food/interview blog called myfriendskitchen which can be found at @mykitchenfriend. Last week I made her lunch and we talked about cancer, death, gambling, theatre, the book, springsteen and, most importantly, spiralisers!

You can read the end result here:

If you enjoy it, feel free to share the link. 

Anyway, this has been my first foray into Unbound blogging, but now I've dipped my toes into the choppy ocean bloggy waters (OH NO! I COULDN'T HELP. IT'S LIKE A DISEASE. THE CHEESY RECURRING METAPHOR DISEASE.), I shall be back.




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