Dear Mr. Pop Star

By Derek & Dave Philpott

Humorous letters to pop stars about their songs with genuine witty replies

Monday, 9 October 2017

Update! ... Obviously

Hello to all of you lovely people that have made these book happen!

All’s well here and progressing nicely. The bonkers and surreal text is with the copyeditor who is busily working away. We’ve had to wait a bit to get the editor that Unbound really wanted, but .. Hurrah! It is shaping up beautifully and we will keep you posted as ever

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Jim Hamshaw
 Jim Hamshaw says:

Hi - is the book likely to be delievered before Christmas please?

posted 7th November 2017

Jim Hamshaw
 Jim Hamshaw says:

Hi - as I asked a month ago - is this likely to be delivered before Christmas please???

posted 10th December 2017

Derek and Dave Philpott
 Derek and Dave Philpott says:

Sorry Jim we didn't see these messages!!

posted 22nd January 2018

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