Dear Mr. Pop Star

By Derek & Dave Philpott

Humorous letters to pop stars about their songs with genuine witty replies

Friday, 7 September 2018

The Eagles are Landing!

It has been a pretty full on and emotional few days for us - after years, months, weeks and days of anticipation the first wave of books has gone out to the 655 subscribers who bought this project to life.

We're so proud of what we've managed to achieve together, from the germ of an idea a decade ago, to an online community, to a campaign through to an amazing book which looks so much better than we could ever have dreamed of ten years ago.

We would ask you for one last favour though before we bid you adieu and hasta la vista. If you have your book and are reading it as we type then would you be so kind as to help spread the word? Let us have a book selfie maybe (or your cat staring nonchalantly at your copy) for our collage, and perhaps 'tell' Facebook and Twitter and the other ones.

Best of all if you would like to give us a review on GoodReads which you can post now and/or, once we've reached the general release date of Sept. 20th, on Amazon... There are already some corkers here

If you like what we do then please pass it on. 

We're so proud of what you've done for us. 

Thank you. 

D&D Philpott


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John Richards
 John Richards says:

I haven't received my book bundle and e-book package yet

posted 8th September 2018

Derek and Dave Philpott
 Derek and Dave Philpott says:

John they went on Thursday and e-book will be 20/9

posted 9th September 2018

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