Dear Mr. Pop Star

By Derek & Dave Philpott

Humorous letters to pop stars about their songs with genuine witty replies

Friday, 29 June 2018

Printing Next Week!!

**VERY EXCITING NEWS** We wanted to let you all know that we've just heard that Dear Mr Pop Star is going to print NEXT WEEK! This means that pledgers and pre-orders...that's you.. will get their special edition copy very soon! The general release of the trade edition is scheduled for September 20th but yours will be the nice special edition and you will have it before then! 

We would like to thank you all for your patience and for bearing with us. We promise that, however good you think this is going to be, it will far exceed your expectations... 


''Team Philpott’s masterful oeuvre, with their infallibly astute and uncannily insightful interpretation of popular songs, has raised the world of pop-music criticism to the level of ‘high’ literary art! (Which is also the recommended state for fully appreciating their comic genius!) - Dean Friedman

"Having not had that many hits in my 40 years in pop, I assume this is possibly the last I'll be hearing from you...still, it's been fun!"

Henry Priestman, The Christians

”Thanks for the brilliant work and for allowing me to fence with such a couple of formidable comic swordsmen''

David Was, Was Not Was

''Thank you for your letter. It has changed my life.

I folded it up and used it to stop my coffee table from wobbling''

Stan Cullimore, The Housemartins


''a gateway between our normal glamorous botoxed lives and your mundane world – a lovely post-modernist way of us bonding''

The Doctor – Dr. & The Medics


"I meant every word of it. At least I think I did."

Richard Jobson, The Skids


''I have passed your letter on to my lawyer, a restraining order will shortly be in place. Let that be the end of it. What wonderful madness''

Glenn Gregory, Heaven 17



''Thanks for a madcap slant on the serious lyricist; as for myself, I am from a very musical family - even our sewing machine was a singer.''

Phil - Paper Lace (original)


''Derek... stop wasting my ****ing time" !!!!''

Owen Paul


''If you don't like this book, then you're no friend of mine''

Ivan, Men Without Hats            


"These remarkable pedants have been the bane of my life in recent years; one can only wonder at what they would possibly glean from such works as T.S. Eliot's "The Wasteland", or "The Ballad Of Tam O' Shanter" by the great bard Burns his self. On behalf of all concerned, please don't do a poetry book, we implore you."

Well done again and all the very best.
Jo Callis (Mrs.) On behalf of The Human League (also Mrs.).


''Derek, hopefully sales will be more robust than your intellectual rigour should the proposed 'Dementia Tax' come to realisation''

Bruce Thomas, Elvis Costello and The Attractions


"'My oh my Derek', when this is over then 'Everyday will 'hurt' without you!! I need to pick me up a Strange Little Girl!!" xx

Dave, Sad Cafe


I can only repeat my response to your last enquiry on this subject: I'm sorry, but I am NOT interested in purchasing your book, "comic" though it may be.  I trust this puts an end to the matter, and I will have no need to write you a third ti-- oh, wait a second, I might have gotten...Congrats on your new book!
Eagerly awaiting my copy, I remain as ever,

Berton Averre, The Knack


I will forever associate you with my wife's wonderful words- 'Have you replied to that bloke yet?'

Kimberley Rew


"Does this have anything to do with the copper top frying pan I ordered? If so, can you include the 3 finger oven mitt... Thanks, James Lowe, Electric Prunes


''It's not often the drummer in the band gets to speak, apart from "Where's my bleedin' wages ?". So thank you chaps for the opportunity to spout off a load of ol' drivel for your hilarious project.

The pleasure was all mine.''

Gary Long, Tadpole Tuna



Being the most successful pop musician in the suburb of Royal Leamington Spa known as Milverton...which is in need of more social housing for young families...I can only applaud x

Mark Tibenham, The Maisonettes



Dear Team Philpott - Your book is going to change my life - I shall probably never work again

Bruce Woolley


''"In which I answer the musical question...erm...what was the question?"

Chris Butler, The Waitresses


“It was a thrill to receive your enquiry and an honour to be able to respond,” Will Birch, Kursaal Flyers


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Alcuin Edwards
 Alcuin Edwards says:

Don't listen to that woman from the Human League... you SHOULD do a poetry book. If it helps, Walter Savage Landor was my five greats grandfather and I understand that Pete Shelley is distantly related to Percy Bysshe of that ilk.

posted 3rd July 2018

Derek and Dave Philpott
 Derek and Dave Philpott says:

We'll leave to the prose!

posted 12th July 2018

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