Dear Mr. Pop Star

By Derek & Dave Philpott

Humorous letters to pop stars about their songs with genuine witty replies

Saturday, 28 July 2018


We are stunned and delighted to confirm that we have been offered a book launch at the prestigious venue The Dublin Castle on Wednesday 3rd October. This will be a 'double header' with Mr. Bruce Thomas, legendary bassist from The Attractions and contributor to Dear Mr Pop Star, without whom 'Pump It Up' and so many other classic songs would not exist. You will, we promise, have received and probably read the mighty tome by then, and we would be thrilled to have you come along and hear a little more about how we managed this feat in the first place, with your help

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mark oliff
 mark oliff says:

Where do I click for tickets? How much are they?


posted 30th July 2018

Derek and Dave Philpott
 Derek and Dave Philpott says:

Sorry Mark just seen this! Link here

posted 12th August 2018

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