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Don't you know how magnificent you are? (Warning, video content. Of me.)

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Facebook buddies may have already seen this, but in case it's of interest (especially to those who like to see authors torturing themselves) here's a video of a 5 minute pitch for pre-orders of the book, filmed live at a pub in Peckham. (Well it's the very nice Beer Shop in Nunhead, actually, but I'm a sucker for alliteration, so I am stretching the geography.) Thanks to the other Unbound authors who shared the pain, Daniel Ross, Niall Slater and Editor Hilary Bell. And thanks again to you wonderful 60 supporters (yes, 60 of you good people believe in me, how did I get so lucky?) You really are the kind of magnificent examples of humanity that I talk about in the brief excerpt at the end....

Oh, and, um, and feel free to 'like' my author page too, if you haven't already, and can be bothered with this sort of thing. I never post about breakfast (unless it's at Tiffany's.) If I ever find the time to set up a youtube channel I will post this there too. And caption it. And get/borrow a pet that I can post videos of as well... Oh, and I will teach said pet to read/sign/mime passages from the book. Maybe.


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