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24 (thrilling) hours in in the world of crowdfunded publishing....

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Thanks so much for all the fantastic reactions and support for Dear Mr Darwin so far! It's been just over 24 hours since going live and it's all so very exciting and positive. This book, this labour of love, a piece of work that I have enjoyed every minute of creating, is written and ready and raring to go! (Bar, of course the highly valued editing, input, design, advice etc., from the lovely, lovely folks at Unbound.) These characters, these vital yet vulnerable, determined yet doubting, open-hearted yet wounded, hopeful and inquisitive women (and men!) can't wait to make your acquaintance...

(If you haven't read the excerpt yet, please do.)

So if you love history, science, imagination, the exploration of the soul, adventure, reflection, nature, philosophy, discovery, the quest to reach our full potential as humans, then please join me on this journey. THANK YOU!

twitter: @BrethertonWords

Facebook and blog coming soon.... 

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