Monday, 9 May 2016

Having dinner with a writer and not paying for it is unheard of. But this offer is probably as close as you'll ever get. All you have to do is upgrade your existing pledge, even if it's only to the next level.

I thought all five places for a special Dinner With The Author were booked, but owing to my incompetence there is one seat left at the table. The other four have been snapped up at £100 a pop BUT you can enter a prize draw to WIN the final place simply by upgrading your existing pledge by NOON ON THURSDAY, when the name of the lucky diner will be plucked from a hat. It's such a great offer I'm tempted to go for it myself, except I'll be there anyway. To upgrade your pledge and enter the draw, Please email us here.

If you're thinking of upgrading - or if you still haven't pledged - think about the £75 reward, which is unique: a fine-art print of the novel's specially-commissioned cover, signed by the artist Lee Madgwick, plus the special edition signed hardback and the e-book. Lee is fast becoming a star of his generation's British artists. Banksy put his work in the recent curation, 'Dismaland', and has bought Lee's paintings. And here's the thing: Lee doesn't sell or authorise any prints of his paintings. That's why you get a print of the cover, which will be one of a strictly limited edition of 50, rather than of the painting itself (which stays on my wall). This is a great opportunity. You should definitely take a look at more of Lee's brilliant work here:


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