Dead Writers in Rehab

By Paul Bassett Davies

The only thing worse than waking up with the hangover from hell is waking up with a hangover in hell

Friday, 11 November 2016


It's hard to know where civilization is headed right now but we'll probably need books when we get there. Books, and candles to read them by. And don't forget matches. Also warm clothes, canned food, water, medicine, livestock, seeds, generators, fuel, weapons, ammunition, and barbed wire.

I'm talking about actual, printed books. For all I know, e-books may still exist after Armageddon, dwelling in a digital cloud somewhere, but how will you get them out of there once the internet is dead? Maybe you could spear them with some kind of virtual harpoon, and haul them down. In fact never mind a harpoon, use the whole poon. Good luck with that.

Naturally, most of the books you'll need will be practical guides, with titles like Hunting, Slaughtering and Hoarding Your Prey on a Budget with Delia Smith, and Traders, Mystics, or Cannibals? How to Profile the Feral, Grinning Strangers at Your Compound Gate. As we gradually learn to live in the new Dark Age, and we attempt to re-establish rudimentary social bonds, more sophisticated volumes of post-apocalyptic etiquette will be required, like No Squinting – How to Avoid Marrying Your Siblings.

But we'll need more than candles to lighten our darkness, and a different type of illumination from that provided by blazing tubs of what may or may not be animal fat (Don't Ask, Don't Tell is the rule for a happy Dystopia). We'll need to keep the flame of culture burning, and to survive the unimaginable our most important resource will be imagination.

So this is the perfect time to tell you it's your LAST CHANCE to pre-order my novel, Dead Writers in Rehab, and to get your name in it, and grab one of the rewards. Get an invite to the launch party, or a signed print of the cover, with its specially-commissioned painting by Lee Madgwick. If you've already pledged, you have my YUGE gratitude; if you'd like to upgrade your pledge, now is the time. The subscribers' list closes on MONDAY 21st NOVEMBER. After that… who knows?

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