Dead Writers in Rehab

By Paul Bassett Davies

The only thing worse than waking up with the hangover from hell is waking up with a hangover in hell

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Don't be alarmed. I have news. And an irresistible offer.

Hello, I haven't posted any updates here for a long time, so I'm sorry if this communication comes as a sudden shock.

I've got a new project that may interest you, especially if you very kindly supprted 'Dead Writers in Rehab' (which I hope you enjoyed). I've written another novel. It's called 'Please do not Ask for Mercy as a Refusal Often Offends' and it's being published next year by the estimable Eye & Lightning Books. It's a darkly comic dystopian thriller, so it is.

Meanwhile, my debut collection of short stories 'The Glade and Other Stories' is now available on Amazon for £2.88 plus 10 pence (for some reason this keypad won't write the number that comes after 8). BUT HERE'S THE THING. For a limited time only, you can recieve an e-book edition of the story collection FREE when you pre-order the novel. If that isn't both an act of reckless generosity AND a stroke of marketing genius, I don't know what is.

In adddition, at this moment, you can read the shortest story in the collection - it takes less than five minutes - for zero money whatsoever, as a taster. Click on the link below, and you'll find the story, more information about the novel, and how you can pre-order it. Please do it; I'd love you to read the story, the collection, and the novel. Happy Christmas.

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Peter Kelly
 Peter Kelly says:

Great story and pure marketing genius - or it would be if I could see how to give you my money!

posted 28th November 2019

paul bassett davies
 paul bassett davies says:

Hi Peter, glad you like the story, and sorry if it's not clear about getting the book. At the bottom of the story there should be a short para about the book, with a 'click here' link to order it. That takes you to the page on the Eye & Lightning web site, where there's blurb about the book, and an 'Add to Cart' link at the end of it. You can add the code KINDLE or EPUB to get the e-book edition of the stories free, at the end of the payment process. Please let me know if it doesn't work.

posted 28th November 2019

Shirley Brown
 Shirley Brown says:

Hi Paul, Your writing is full of delights, but I hesitated to order your new book because health issues have seriously impaired my reading speed and capacity, and I'd prefer to avoid inviting the spine of another unread novel to stare reproachfully at me from a shelf. But after reading the sample short story A Very Nice Man ... I couldn't resist placing an order and am very much looking forward to enjoying more of your extremely entertaining output. Thank you, and congrats on the effective sales pitch!

posted 3rd December 2019

paul bassett davies
 paul bassett davies says:

Hi Shirley, thank you very much for ordering the novel, and I really appreciate your comments. I sincerely hope that your health issues improve. My very best wishes to you.

posted 3rd December 2019

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