Dead Babies and Seaside Towns

By Alice Jolly

A compelling memoir of stillbirth, surrogacy and seaside towns

Monday, 13 April 2015

You Magazine - and last chance to sign up!

Dear Shed Dwellers,


Just to let you know that the book was featured in You Magazine on Easter Sunday.  The link is here:


The book was also one of the Editor's Picks in The Bookseller last week and The Bookseller willl also be following up with an interview in May.


Thanks so much to you all for making this possible!

Also - importantly - pledging for the book will end on WEDNESDAY AT MIDNIGHT.  So if you know anyone who would like to have their name in the back please tell them to hurry up!  This is the last chance.

As you know, the publication date is 2nd July.  I am expecting to see the cover for the book any day and will put up a post when I have it.

Launch party being planned.  You are all invited.



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Linda Mackinnon
 Linda Mackinnon says:

Yahoo...well done Alice xx from Lin

posted 14th April 2015

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