Up to 37%. Thank you so, so much!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Dear Shed Dwellers,


I have reached 37%.  I was going to send a message when I had reached a handy round number (like 35%) but the numbers have moved so fast over the last few days that I missed my moment!

I have been doing all sorts of things to promote the book.  Below is an article which apeared on Mumsnet.


Sands have put details up on their website and the response there has been wonderful and heartening.  A lovely anonymous donor put in a eye stretching sum.  Thank so much for that!

Also Sean Hanish, who is himself a bereaved Dad, and made a Hollywood film (Return To Zero) which draws on his experience (what a brave man) has also put details up on the hugely popular Facebook page for the film.  Wonderful.

So I am getting there.  Thank you so, so much to all of you fantastic people who have supported me.  Do keep spreading the word.

With thanks and best wishes,



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