Dead Babies and Seaside Towns

By Alice Jolly

A compelling memoir of stillbirth, surrogacy and seaside towns

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Thank you all so much!

Dear Shed Dwellers,


Just a quick post to say a huge THANK YOU to the 106 people who have subscribed to my book so far.  It is lovely to see so many names that I know and equally to see so many that I don't.  I'm very confident that I'm going to get to 100% and am looking forward to the book being published in spring.  You all definitely invited to the party!  The book is largely written but I'm just about to sit down and do some finally polishing so that it is ready to go the editor.  I'll be posting news in here as I go along.  And am particularly looking forward to the moment when I can show you the cover.  I am passionate about good book design and I know that Unbound are as well so I"m sure it will be great .....


Thanks again for your support.  And if you can spread the word to others I'll be eternally grateful.



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Nicki Hales
 Nicki Hales says:

Good luck Alice. I Don't know you but I love reading and Also lost a baby girl at term in 2005 her name was Annie-Rose . I have pledged because half of the money goes to sands a charity I have raised for and am also passionate about . I can't wait to read your book xxxxxx

posted 16th September 2014

Janet Flight
 Janet Flight says:

Hello Alice. I pledged because my only child Christopher Eric was stillborn in 1983 and would have loved to have described my feelings and words in such a way. Sands is a wonderful charity who helped me at the time Christopher was born and continues to help many families who deal with the loss of their baby. I look forward to reading your book in the Spring xx

posted 16th September 2014

Alice Jolly
 Alice Jolly says:

Dear Nicki and Janet,

Thanks so, so much for those lovely messages and supporting the book. I think you already know that Unbound are going to make a memorial page in the book. (They will e-mail before the book is produced asking if people want to put names). For me, that's going to make the book really, really special. I will feel so privileged that Annie-Rose and Christopher Eric will be in there. Just wish I could have met them both. With love and thanks, Alice

posted 17th September 2014

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