In the Daily Mail today!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Dear Shed Dwellers,

Happy New Year!  Just to let you know that I am in the Daily Mail today with my daughter Hope.  

I have to say I'm not a great fan of the Daily Mail but I am very grateful for the publicity.  Also the people who took the photogpraphs were absolutely lovely and incredibly professional.  They spent so long sprucing me up that you won't actually recognise me.  The camera does lie ..... Possibly more important is the fact that the Mail Online have linked to the Unbound video about the book.

I have also sold an article to You Magazine which will hopefully be used in March and I'm negotiating on another article in a current affairs magazine which is much more to my taste but nothing confirmed yet .... So fingers crossed.

I'm up to 89% and am hoping to get to 100% early in the New Year.  Thanks to all who have supported and helped to spread the word.  Publication will be in autumn this year.  I'll keep you posted (particularly on the cover as I'm a bit of a book cover obsessive .....).

Thanks again and best wishes,


PS. Prize winning short story Ray The Rottweiler now available on Prospect website with wonderful cartoon.

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