Wednesday, 27 January 2016

'A short story is a shard, a sliver, a vignette. It’s a biopsy on the human condition.'  Will Self


Welcome to my shed. Pull up a chair. Kettle's on.

The short story is, arguably, one of the most dynamic and visceral literary forms. It is a summer romance, an unexpected lover, that frisson amid the mundane, or as Kafka said, ‘an axe to break up the frozen sea within us.’ It’s also the (relatively) new literary kid on the block, its modern incarnation barely older than cinema. Young, brash, audacious, yet quiet and smouldering, it is prone to take readers to the edge of the abyss, before abandoning them there.

Short stories are, perhaps, an acquired taste, the taramasalata or olives of literature. But once in their grip, the immersion is total.

Dazzling the Gods is, I believe, the best thing I’ve written, and so it will be wonderful to share it with you. Thank you for taking a look and being a part of its journey.

More soon.


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