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Monday, 1 August 2016

First up, thanks to all 139 of you who've supported / pre-ordered the collection. We're closing in on 50%, which as the numbers people among you will know is pretty much halfway. As with the most successful drug dealers, short stories (books in general) are all about word-of-mouth, so I'm always obscenely grateful when you spread the word, nothing as coercive as a gun to the head, but, you know, the threat of moderate violence can go a long way.

There are some fabulous rewards still for grabs, including a mentoring retreat at my house (not available to stalkers or serial killers), a character named after you, access to heaven (other post-life venues are available). Or just the book itself.

And for those wanting a flavour of the stories in Dazzling the Gods, here's one I made earlier. Warning: it contains the word 'scrotum'.



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