Dazzling The Gods

By Tom Vowler

A brother returns from exile to stir up the past. A widower observes his daughter blossoming amid the carnage of war. A short story collection

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A Game of Two Books

Been a strange week. First Brexit, then 'we' lost to the Isle of Man (or somesuch) at kickball. Where will it end? With Google and Amazon in a bidding war to publish Boris' memoir, titled 'The Prime Minister Years'? Don't be silly: as if books will exist then.

Anyways. While they still do, I've decided to furnish supporters' rewards with something lovely: a free copy of Short Fiction, the literary journal I edit, which of course all who've pledged so far will receive. 180 pages of the very best short stories, all beautifully illustrated. Follow the link to see more about Issue 10. Meanwhile, here's the cover.

It means for £15 (also known post Brexit as 'f**k all') you get Dazzling the Gods AND Short Fiction.

And for those wondering what's in DTG, here's a list. There's even a new, unseen by human eyes story called 'Lucca'.

So, I was wondering. Before BoJo, Farage and co undermine the Arts so utterly that we forget what books are, do tell a friend or two about this not-to-be-missed, EU-wide offer.

As you were.


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