Dazzling The Gods

By Tom Vowler

A brother returns from exile to stir up the past. A widower observes his daughter blossoming amid the carnage of war. A short story collection

Friday, 14 July 2017

A Final Post

Great to see many of you have your copies of Dazzling...and thanks to those who've posted pictures on social media - a prize, I think, to the furthest of these from the UK...(Cork is winning currently).

The signed copies and book bundles should be heading out too, so if you haven't got yours by next week, give me a shout and Mabel will chase up the publisher, if only so she gets another box to sit in.

Thanks hugely to everyone who made this book possible. As you know, publishers are more likely to bid for Jimmy Saville's postumous memoir than to take on a short story collection, so you have made the literary world a better (or worse, depending on your judgement) place. 

I hope you enjoy the stories. Read them slowly, savour them; they'll give you indigestion if consumed at once. Anyone who says lovely things about the book on the interweb will receive an abundance of bookish karma; those who don't, well, a literary fairy somewhere will die, and in a really horrid way. 

So that's us done. Goodbyes are hard, I know, but it's important to at least give the illusion of toil. Or to borrow from Pete and Dud:

"I'm writing a novel."

"Neither am I."

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