One Hundred and Fifty-Two Days

By Giles Paley-Phillips

A unique semi-autobiographical novella written in verse that looks at the impact on a teenager whose mother is terminally ill

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Have You Ordered Your Copy of Giles' New Book 'A LITTLE PIECE OF MIND'?

We've reached 16% funded! 

I'm extremely excited to announce I have a new book project coming up with Unbound, titled 'A Little Piece of Mind' which you can pre-order today. This book is a unique neo-noir psychological novel written in verse, inspired by the works of Raymond Chandler and filmmaker David Lynch.

But you won't happen without your help! So, if you enjoyed my last book 'One Hundred and Fifty-Two Days' you will be able to help make this book become a reality by pledging for your copy from May 11th 

So, Please if you can grab your copy now and this project will happen.

More about 'A Little Piece of Mind' 

The story revolves around Hobs, a young adult, trying to fathom the mystery surrounding the sudden disappearance of Jenni, the girl he's fallen in love with, and her associations with Mike Bilk, a local businessman who is running for office. As he journeys deeper into the dark underbelly of his idyllic suburban hometown he starts to lose his grip on reality, not knowing what is real, what isn't, and above all is there anyone left he can trust.

About the book: 

High-quality, B-format hardback
Approx. 288 pages, 23,000 words
EXCLUSIVE pledge levels.

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