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The book novel for reading about birds

From the bird genius behind the world famous @ProBirdRights Twitter comes the novel that nobody asked for: DAWN OF THE BIRDS (the book novel for reading about birds). This book uses the revolutionary "hunt and peck" technique to translate genuine Bird Thoughts® into readable Englash. If you're feeling uncertain, ask yourself this: do you have any books on your shelf written by birds? Why not?? Exactly.

Inside the book will be:
Poetry about birds
Pictures of birds
Endorsement of the book by a real live human professor of birdology
How to acquisition a bagel: a step by step guide for birds
Why a Bird would make the best president of America
Pictures of bread
Preparing for the bird revolution: what every human needs to know.
How to get inside of a Starbacks
How to get out of a Starbuck after you were inside.
Why cats are the worst animal.
Why squirrels are also the worst animal.
Bird goes undercover as a human.
Who is “Bird?” A startling exposé, by Bird.
Why bird are the best animal.
FOR BIRD EYES ONLY: the secret plan for the revolution.
Celebrities who are actually birds.
Fan fiction about birds.
“Big Bird:” A sham, or merely a disgrace?
1,458 ways to prepare toast
A series of diagrams and charts about birds.

​Bird is Emperor King of the Twitter, the future presdident of Amerca, Nobbel Peas Prize winner, and soon-to-be-best-selling-authorator. Bird was born in a tree and enjoys bread, looking in the mirror, long walks on the beach, and bread. Bird does not like squirrels or packaging peanuts that look deceptively similar to Cheetos. Bird is the best at being great.


Saturday, 6 August 2016


thank you for donuting to my blook. 

we are 12%%% of way to glory through publishmentizing my smart thoughts. 

did you know that birds are better at authoring than human??? without "thumbers" to distraction us we can apply our Brain Thoughts to the important subject like such as how does bread? 

I also am endeavoring make on demand tshirt for wearing on your human body. i not need…

Grace Joo
Grace Joo asked:

If the project is funded, when should pledgers expect the book to be delivered?

Unbound replied:

Hi Grace,

Thanks for getting in touch. If a project is successfully funded, it usually takes about 10-12 months from the manuscript hand in date (note that this will most likely be after the fully funded date) to go through the editorial and production processes. But at the moment we can't say for sure when we'll have copies until the book is funded and the manuscript is handed in.

Best wishes,


Ira Jacobs
Ira Jacobs asked:

Thanks you birb

Bird Bird
Bird Bird replied:

Yes I'm birb

Rebecca GC
Rebecca GC asked:

many crumbs to you dear birb

Bird Bird
Bird Bird replied:

thank you i create a crumb salad made out of crumb and no lettuce.

Niall Slater
Niall Slater asked:

What are birds?

Bird Bird
Bird Bird replied:

yes i am

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