So Here It Is, The Autobiography

By Dave Hill

How the boy from Wolverhampton rocked the world with Slade

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Some snaps...

Hello all, 

We thought we'd share a few photos that will be featuring in the book as a 'sneak peek' exclusive! 

Here are some photos from Dave's childhood: 

Dave's Mum and Dad 


The 'Castle' where Dave was born 

Dave as a young boy - look at that cheeky smile! 

Dave's first birthday card 

Please help us spread the word about the book, so we can get it funded. The sooner it hits 100%, the sooner you get a copy in your hands! 

From The Unbounders 

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Julie Willia
 Julie Willia says:

Brilliant memories about Dave,thanks for those pics! Xx

posted 17th January 2017

Chris Roberts
 Chris Roberts says:

Great pics Dave . Really looking forward to the book.

posted 17th January 2017


great pics of my teenage idol....

posted 17th January 2017

tim elford
 tim elford says:

Wow!! Lovely pics, thankyou sooo much for sharing. Looking forward to the book. You are, one of my all time heroes. Best wishes

posted 17th January 2017

Alun Taylor
 Alun Taylor says:

Cheers Dave , Hope you are felling better after the Accident .

posted 18th January 2017

Tony Millington
 Tony Millington says:

Superyob says: Can't wait for this book, my childhood hero, met the man, got the T shirt, got the albums, got the Superyob guitar!! Get well soon Dave - we missing you.

posted 20th January 2017

Michael Van Overstraeten
 Michael Van Overstraeten says:

Great photos Dave. Hope you are feeling better and on the mend Dave? Looking forward to the book and see you you live on stage in December at the Robin 2!!!!!!!!. Same as above, Got the Thirt all the Albums & 45's & a fully signed Super Yob Guitar & met Dave on several occations before & after the Gigs. What more can a Slade Fan ask for!!!!!!!. It's all great stuff!!!!!.



Michael Van Overstraeten.

posted 21st January 2017

Andy Brookes
 Andy Brookes says:

Great pictures Dave looking forward to butlins Skegness Keep on Rockin

posted 24th January 2017

Michael Van Overstraeten
 Michael Van Overstraeten says:

Well done Dave, 103% funded!!!!!. All us pledgers have something to look forward to. Me, can't wait to receiving your book Dave!!!!!!. Pledged 3 x, on 3 different versions of your book.
It's all great stuff!!!!!!!. How are you getting on regarding your arm Dave? Is it healing ok? I'd like to wish you all the best Mr Dave Hill.

Best wishes from

Michael Van Overstraeten


posted 4th February 2017

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