So Here It Is, The Autobiography

By Dave Hill

How the boy from Wolverhampton rocked the world with Slade

Friday, 23 December 2016

Dave Hill Rocks Christmas

Hello everyone, 

As promised, here is the now working Christmas video! Dave explains the rock n' roll influences on Merry Christmas Everyone. 

If you haven't seen already, there are two new pledge levels, including a chance for you to get your hands on a Superyob t-shirt and signed book. If you've already ordered a different level, then you can upgrade your pledge. Just make sure you're logged, click on 'Your Account' and select the upgrade button in your dashboard. 

Merry Christmas! 

The Unbounders

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Michael Van Overstraeten
 Michael Van Overstraeten says:

Hi there,
Can you tell me if the book by Dave Hill will be published? I have pledged 3 times on 3 different versions of the book. Would be nice to know? Saw Dave in person recently at the Robin 2 Bilston. What a fantastic night it was!!!!!. Took some very nice photos of the gig. This is from a long standing Slade Fan since 1970/71.

Michael Van Overstraeten

posted 24th December 2016

Alun Taylor
 Alun Taylor says:

I Have a great pic of Dave with the YOB 1 Roller from my wedding , if Dave needs one for his book ?

posted 19th March 2017

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