So Here It Is, The Autobiography

By Dave Hill

How the boy from Wolverhampton rocked the world with Slade

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Dave Hill, Private Eye

I've wanted to write my autobiography for donkey's years but it wasn't until I was a granddad that I thought it really was about time. I wanted to share my incredible life with my grandkids, and the rest of my family and friends, and of course, with all of the brilliant fans of Slade.

For my grandkids I wanted to write the complete story of my life and background, but, to begin with, there were a few mysteries about my family. Particularly about my parents and my half-sister Jean. There was also some stuff about Slade that I wanted to look into, but more about that next time.

I was born at a time when you didn't ask your parents searching questions and in fact kids were 'seen and not heard', but clearly mum and dad had a very different lives before they met. I knew that Jean was my half-sister, but had no idea who her real dad was.

Even to this day, decades after mum, dad and Jean have sadly passed away, close family members still keep quiet about what they know. It's taken real detective work to uncover some of the secrets that mum and dad had wanted kept hidden. 
To solve these mysteries I've had to track down long lost friends, family members and old neighbours. Some of these people I hadn't seen for fifty years. Finally the pieces are coming together. I tell you something, it makes for a great read.

What I've managed to discover reveals so much about my parents, and also about me. Mum and dad's life reads like 'Brief Encounters' meets 'Philomenia'. A real tale of tragedy, love, new beginnings and lots of surprises. There are some incredible stories that I have unearthed, things which you couldn't make up.

There's still a few mysteries that I haven't been able to solve though, but I won't give up trying to crack these.
So, to everyone who's already pledged for my book, or who will buy it, thank you! You're not just buying my book but for helping me discover so much about myself and my family.
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Jonas Granath
 Jonas Granath says:

Sounds extraordinary exciting, I can't wait to get hold of my pledged copy!

posted 3rd May 2017

Dave Hill
 Dave Hill says:

Dave Hill ( Slade ) My Name Dave Hill my full name David John Hill favourite colour Blue, pin in Elbow, Sister Carol ! remember frost on the inside window of bedroom, seen Slade at The Chesford Grange Hotel ( Kenilworth )

posted 25th October 2022

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