Video killed the radio star...

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Now try getting that song out of your head! (Oh-a oh-a!)

Yes, a new Origin Trilogy video has emerged from its cocoon, but first - e-book issues!

I've spoken to a number of you plucky, beautiful Team Darwin members and many have confessed to not having read Darwin's Soldiers yet! (Shocked face!) Those who have finished the book tell me they have had a string of constant luck since reading the last page and those who left a review are now registering as 10% more attractive than this time last year!

If you are having trouble downloading the e-book, check out this helpful link:

Or, if your arms are strong enough, why not treat yourself to a paper copy?

(I've also heard the green of Darwin's Soldiers' cover goes really well with red Christmas wrapping paper)

And the big news! The new video has arrived just as I hit the halfway point of writing the Darwin's Soldiers sequel - Survival. Check out the page for more info on the sequel and how you can order your copy now!

(You are... a radio star...)

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