Pushing 70

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

We’re getting so close to 70% I can almost taste it. And it tastes of tatties and neeps. I’m not sure where we are in Scotland now (it’s far bigger than I thought) but we’d better hurry up before the winter sets in and the natives get hungry.

So we need to keep moving. This is a call to arms - Darwin’s Soldiers need you!

To get to 100% we need to get the last few pledgers on board, so please share the website link with anyone you think would like to read a darn good story and have their name in the book. Family, friends, enemies or people who love reading science fiction or historical novels – it’s got it all.


In the meantime, I’ve been getting busy with the paint brushes and started a few test canvases for the super-attractive pledgers who chose the painting reward. Don’t forget, you can always upgrade your pledge if you want to help the push for 100. The book cover poster reward looks great – I know I’ll be getting one!

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