Darwin's Soldiers

By Ste Sharp

Earth’s greatest warriors fight to survive in a land where evolution is rapid, enhancing them with bizarre adaptations. John Greene, a WW1 machine gunner, struggles with his physical changes as he battles to return to his son,

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Paperback vs e-book

A few years ago many people predicted the death of the paperback.

It was the seventh prediction since Gutenburg’s press, but this time it was different - the machines were rising and everyone would be reading their books on e-readers from now on. Shelves would be cleared, leaving plenty of space for photo frames or tiny statues of prancing horses, and holiday luggage weight would halve!

But, we are human.

Digital shelves aren’t as cool as real shelves bustling with our favourite books.

Real shelves show our real selves to visitors in our homes.

And we really like to thumb through a real book – to feel the pages, to flick back a few chapters to remember a character’s name and, sometimes, to crack a spine!

Everyone who supported Darwin’s Soldiers received e-books with their paperbacks, but if you pledged for the e-book only level there’s hope for you yet!

Sure, you can go and buy a paper copy from a shop, but a far easier way is to order your copy when you pledge for the sequel ‘Survival Machines’.

Just choose the ‘Paperback Series Bundle’ to get BOTH paperbacks when the sequel hits the shops!


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