Darwin's Soldiers

By Ste Sharp

Earth’s greatest warriors fight to survive in a land where evolution is rapid, enhancing them with bizarre adaptations. John Greene, a WW1 machine gunner, struggles with his physical changes as he battles to return to his son,

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Over the top

Team Darwin - we did it! Darwin’s Soldiers is published today! Woo-hoo!

A big thank you everyone and especially to the three authors whose short stories can be found at the back of Darwin’s Soldiers:


Kerensa Jennings      -              The Rage Machine

Andrew Checker        -              Follow the Light

Michael Hunt              -              Thirteen Sevens


Today is exactly 20 years to the day since I was inspired to write after having a bizarre dream while camping in Bundaberg, Australia. Many unpublished novels later, Darwin’s Soldiers has been born and will be with you very soon! I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I did writing it. I’m quite jealous of you all as you step into the unknown, journeying with John and his allies.

When you do receive your book, please take a photo and post it on Twitter or Instagram, tagging myself @stesharpauthor and @Unbound_Digital - I can’t wait to see you all with your copies!

A few other books may have also been published today so, being a helpful type, I’ll recommend an author who may have written the odd book or two before:

Erebus by Michael Palin is also out today. Good luck to him.



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