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Friday, 1 March 2019

Drastic measures I know, but now is the time to enlist the powers of thine enemy: the Iceni warrior queen of the evil Norwich City – Delia Smith.

As she said on that fateful day with such clarity, “Where are ya?”

I’m repeating that call now to you, Team Darwin, as we near the six month mark since Darwin’s Soldier came out.

A massive thanks to the supporters of the sequel, Survival Machines, who are sitting in the Survival lounge supping cocktails and consuming tasty morsels from the new book. But with over a hundred members of our team and only ten reviews on the big river online bookshop, I’m wondering where the rest of Team Darwin have disappeared to?

Have you read the book you helped publish? Have you seen your name in print in a bookshop? And, if you have read it, did you enjoy it?

If you did, please leave a review – or just a star rating – and pop over to the Survival page where you can treat yourself to something new - you deserve it!



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